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Attachment-Based Therapy 101

Attachment is a fundamental topic in psychotherapy and one of the most researched. It’s based on an influential theory that parents have an impact on their children through their attachment to them. Our Attachment-Based Therapy aims to heal insecure attachment tendencies and increase relationship intimacy, showing you how to become securely attached so that you can resolve childhood wounds and build healthy relationships with your partner or future partner.

John Bowlby was a British psychiatrist and psychoanalyst known for his research into human attachment. He is famous for his work on the importance of child-parent bonding and the impact that early childhood relationships have on later development. Bowlby's theory of attachment is based on the evolutionary perspective that humans are social animals and that in order to survive, it is important for them to form close bonds with their caregivers to ensure food, protection, and nurturing. Attachment is a psychological term associated with the quality of relationships and experiences that shape our understanding of ourselves and others.

Attachment-Based Therapy (ABT) is a form of therapy based on attachment theory and research. In Attachment-Based Therapy, we look at how your attachment style has been shaped by your early relationship experiences, and how it affects you today. We can help you understand how this has influenced how you relate to other people and understand yourself. Attachment, the bond that is formed between two or more people, can be secure or insecure. Secure attachment allows children to go through the developmental steps necessary to develop into healthy adults, while insecure attachment can lead to issues in relationships. The goal of ABT is to help those who struggle with their relationships recognize the source of their unresolved pain and address it in a safe environment.

If you feel that you are having issues that arise from your childhood and affecting you and/or your relationships today as an adult, reach out to us for a consultation to see if we can assist you in your journey.

If you are interested in therapy or would like to see more blogs like this, let us know!


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